In modern research project, the review of related literature forms chapter two of the study. The writer asks to review the relevant literature in the area of the study. In doing this, both positive and negative research findings should be cited from both within and outside the country.

The review of literature is necessary because the new knowledge to be derived from the new study has to fit into the body of already existing knowledge i.e. every new findings should be rooted in known theories and principles. Literature review should start with the reviews of study to which the present study is related thus providing a theory of related background. It is proper therefore to make a review of the study. Example: ICT and the growth of the business, Impact of accounting on the growth of SME.

The conclusion of literature review should be valid and to be so, it must be logically developed. Then quoting from research sources, authors name must be defined followed by the year. E.g. Jenifred (2005) “When accounting information system comes to play. The major concern of an accountant must be in focus”. Each authors quoted must be written at the references page.


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