Description: My experience that I have come across during university in my formative assessment for essay writing, I was required to write 8,000 word essays on rationalization in the 1900’s industrial revolution. To do this essay I had to addend lectures, seminars and read academic theories. My learning style is mainly based on reading and visual, therefore I understood the reading. While I was reading the materials for the essay I would widen my academic knowledge.  

Feelings: During the event I thought that I would get a score neither a feedback that I was satisfied with, none came out successfully. I did not feel upset as I’m now able to improve. Friends around me who understood my potentials encouraged me to develop my life-long interest in speech, theater, and writing. Further more, that experience of rejection gave me a lifelong compassion for others.

Evaluation: The good points about this experience are that I was able to find out what I can do and what I cannot do. I struggled to do all the reading and implementing my findings into the essay. My expectations coming into the course were high and remained high throughout the duration of the course. The essays I wrote in the class really challenged me to progress in my writing skills. My approach of the essay was really misunderstood and grammatically incorrect. I did not understand the purpose of the essay so I wrote about what I thought altering public space meant. After reading the assigned reading I still did not understand what was being asked of me and this is where I should have emailed my instructor for clarity rather than guessing.

Analysis: Now looking back at the situation and knowing my skills, learning style and academic knowledge I know what went wrong, what actions I took that led to good and bad aspects of the event.

Action Plan: After reviewing my weaknesses, I have noticed that I have not used all of the materials and support available for me, which I would like to use for my next essay. For example the Boots Library offers lots of support which will help with my spelling, grammar and structure.

Conclusion: Throughout this essay I have talked about my skills, experience and areas what I would like to improve. When writing this essay I have found out what my preferred learning style which is visual and reading.



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