Description: I had a great experience at driving school. Driving school is a place where one will get trained to drive a car. The learner will get trained on the high way, how to reverse, how to park and how to avoid accidents.

Feelings: I was nervous, bored, maltreatment from the instructor assigned to me.

Evaluation: the training went smooth and I was able to receive a driver license including my blue ship certified.

Analysis: Driving might seem intimidating at first but it’s not hard to get the hang of it as soon as the instructions have been followed. The following analysis:

1.     Fasten your seat belt before starting the engine.

2.     Always ensure that you depress the hand brake before putting the car into first gear. This one is pretty important as not doing so seriously damages the engine.

3.     Try to shift gears as smoothly as possible. This contributes to fuel efficiently as well as prolonging the lifespan of the engine.

4.     Practice in an area devoid of much traffic to gain confidence in your ability to control the car.

5.     Practice making U-turns and reversing the car a lot. These are the toughest things to get hang of.

6.     When driving in traffic, always remain calm. It’s you who is in control not the vehicle. Keep both your hands on the steering wheel; this maximizes your control of the vehicle. The “one-hand-on-the-stuck-and-the-other-on-the-wheel” approach is best left.

7.     Always check the wing and rear view mirrors before swinging the car onto the road from a stationary start.

8.     Always use horn while taking blind turns even during daylight hours and while crossing non-functional intersections during the night.

9.     Use indicators while changing lanes.

10.                        Always start alert at intersections and especially so when they aren’t working since it becomes a free-for-all and most people try to cross as fast as possible.

11.                        Start slow; don’t worry about driving fast at all. That will come later naturally as your confidence grows.

Conclusion: Driving school is ok to get in for training and become an expert on the road.

Action: These are the action plan I prepared on to become perfect for car driving: Practice low speed maneuvers. Practice parking in tight spaces. Practice reversing. In a safe environment, take the car to its limits. Test how good the brakes are on tarmac and on gravel.



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