Description: essay helps the writer to convey message and its structures to the reader .When writing an essay you have to consider paragraph writing skill. For instance if you are narrating an incident the best manner to do this would be using chronological order, during competition is one of the academic activities I have achieve so far. I really appreciate the school management on their tremendous efforts and the privileges given to me to undergo this essay work. It gives the writer to express themselves, express their ideas and focus their visions and goals to the actual audience.

Feelings: I always had a hard time trying to put my thoughts down on paper in a way that made sense. No matter how many times I would rewrite my past papers I never seemed to be able to convey my thoughts and beliefs accurately. This course really has taught me the importance of prewriting and revising. Before, I would simple sit down and stare at a blank paper and just kind of start writing and what I ended up with was extremely unorganized and hard to follow. Now that I have found a way to prewrite that works for me, I feel as though my writing has really improved and become more organized.

Evaluation: Essay helps the writer to express his /her idea or taught about a particular subject matter. When you are conversant to essay writing, it is easier to write it down. I still remember the guidelines my lecturer gave to me I have been using that for a while now. Most of my essays have accessed my lecturer to test if I have been able to follow up with the procedure given to me.

Analysis: when you are done writing an essay, always try to reread line after lines in order to point out your errors before submitting that was the instructions given to me so that I don’t get fumble. The competition is always great as I keep winning my fellow opponent despite their write-ups.

Conclusion: Essay is actually a focused piece of writing designed to inform or persuade the readers.

Action plan: essay writing pushes student to assess different arguments so that they can come up with stronger position. It’s also promotes critical thinking where you reflect on an issue and reach a conclusion. Through my academic activities during the competitions, the action plans by my lecturers are always successful.


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