Description: Acting as always been my childhood dream, I began to sense this act when exposed to movies and cartoons. I do always practice the same act in my own illusions after watching them, trying to construct mine in a way that will satisfy me. Sometimes I do draw them on paper to view the actions in my brain and it was fantastic. One of my academic activities was acting in the stage; drama has been what I enjoying doing right from when I was five. Since my childhood in the children department I have always been called upon to play a role during our children''s day celebration. I also happen to belong to the drama club in my school where I had to take part in various drama competitions.

Feelings: Drama seems to have become part of me as I enjoy acting as well as the excitement that comes from the audience when acting. I do try my best to stir up the character assigned to me. Though I had the courage and developed the assailants in acting. My feelings were bravely and I feel myself to become an actor.

Evaluation: Drama helps reflecting the character that brings positive impact to my reviewers as I passed information that help informed positive decisions. Based on the evaluation by my acting directors, my weak point was spotted which is in confidence to myself esteemed, advices were given to me to have full fate in me and to practice harder so as to achieve my ambition.

Analysis: while acting the character needs to understand the drama title and objective so as to be able to interpret their role effectively .They should also understand the character they are about to portray, switch and train themselves harder in order to fit the portray character.

Conclusion: it’s a way of telling a story through acting, or passing a message through acting. Dramas are typically known as play and their producers are known as dramatists or playwrights. Acting is pleasurable and aspired; it all depends on the actor and the movie line.

Action plan: Drama improves verbal and non -verbal communication skills, it helps in empathy, and it encourages team work and collaboration among students. It requires more strength and wisdom to give to the world the right acting role. I encourage all my acting fellows to join the path, drama is something I love so much.


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