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Network Security is essential to any organization. This has been previously done by manual method. But this project is aimed at computerized Network Security to make the work easier. This is possible due to the advance improvement in information technology as pertaining programing language; because this is often achieved by the assistance of visual basic programing language and other programming language. For the primary few decades of their existence, computer\ networks were primarily employed by university researchers for sending e-mail and by corporate employees for sharing printers. Under these conditions, security did not get a lot of attention. But now, as many ordinary citizens are using networks for banking, shopping, and filing their tax returns, network security is looming on the horizon as a potentially massive problem. The requirements of knowledge security within a corporation have undergone two major changes within the last several decades before the widespread use of data processing equipment the safety of information felt to be valuable to a corporation was provided primarily by physical and administrative means with the introduction of computer the necessity for automated tools for shielding files and other information stored on the pc became a clear .this is especially the case for a shared system like sharing system and therefore the need is even more acute for systems which will be accessed for a public telephone or a knowledge network the generic name for the gathering of tools to guard data and to thwart hackers is ―computer security‖. Network Security may be a broad topic and covers a mess of sins. In its simplest form, it''s concerned with ensuring that nosy people cannot read, or worse yet, secretly modify messages intended for other recipients. It is concerned with people trying to access remote services that they''re not authorized to use. Most security problems are intentionally caused by malicious people trying to realize some benefit, get attention, or to harm someone. Network security problems are often divided roughly into four closely intertwined areas: secrecy, authentication, non- repudiation, and integrity control. Secrecy, also called confidentiality, has got to do with keeping information out of the hands of unauthorized users. This is what usually involves mind when people believe network security. Authentication deals with determining whom you''re lecture before revealing sensitive information or getting into a deal. Non repudiation deals with signatures.


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