Fabrication of Dental Wet Curing Units

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Fabrication of Dental Wet Curing Units

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Denture base materials are used to contact the oral tissues and support artificial teeth


(Powers and Wataha, 2014). Since the 18th century, a wide variety of denture materials have been introduced to replace missing teeth and their associated structures. Wax was the first material used for intra-oral impressions and models; then ivory was used by carving it into the required denture shape. However, ivory’s hygienic prospect limited its use, and in 1728 Fauchard suggested making dentures from porcelain (Fauchard, 1728), assuming that it could be more attractive and coloured as required as well as more hygienic (Young, 2010). In 1744, Duchateau produced the first recorded porcelain denture (Murray and Darvell, 1993).


In the 1850s, a cheap and easy to handle vulcanite material was identified, and this was used to replace unhygienic costly ivory and porcelain dentures. Vulcanite produced accurately fitting prostheses at reasonable cost, making it accessible to a large number of consumers (Khindria et al., 2009). Vulcanite denture bases were fitted with porcelain teeth requiring mechanical retention due to lack of chemical bonding between the vulcanite denture base material and the porcelain teeth. Techniques were established to improve this bonding by making undercut holes in posterior porcelain teeth and placing pins in anterior teeth (Engelmeier, 2003; Young, 2010). Nonetheless, this material became less satisfactory due to its lack of translucency which affected the aesthetic results; additionally, its porosity had the potential to increase the accumulation of plaque and oral fluids which consequently made the denture base unhygienic (Young, 2010). Many synthetic polymers such as polyamides, epoxy resin, polystyrene, polyvinyl acrylic, rubber graft copolymers, polycarbonate and polymethylmethacrylate have been developed and tested as potential alternative denture base materials (Stafford et al., 1980; Stafford et al., 1986). These are organic molecules of many repeating segments (Powers and Wataha, 2014), but may not generally prove successful since many of them are susceptible to distortion due to water sorption as well as being soluble in most solvents, including chloroform (Van Noort, 2013), although some rubber-reinforced polymers of higher impact strength have been used to reduce the risk of fracture (Powers and Wataha, 2014).


Metals and alloys have been introduced for dental application and used in a number of restorations in dentistry by means of casting techniques (Van Noort, 2013; Powers and Wataha, 2014). Great improvements have been made in the physical and mechanical properties of these base metal alloys and their application could outstrip that of the rarely and costly pure metals (Luthy et al., 1996; Powers and Wataha, 2014). However, for the last two decades their uses have been limited due to their performance or biocompatible risks.

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A Research proposal for fabrication of dental wet curing units:
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Despite the fact that the material scientists and researchers have continued to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the materials used in dentistry, none of these materials fulfill all the ideal properties. Any new material used for denture provision, regardless of the method of construction, should aim to improve on what has gone before. To enable this, it is essential to overcome some of the material problems by testing the characteristics and analyzing their performance in practical applications. Many properties need to be taken into consideration in assessing the dental restorative performance of these materials. Therefore, such assessment is one of the most crucial basic factors in selecting material for dental uses... mechanical engineering project topics

Fabrication of Dental Wet Curing Units

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