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This project is designed to critically analyze the incidence of fraud in the Nigeria financial institutions with references to the banking industries. Fraud in both private and public sector of Nigeria economy is an age long phenomenon that has for a long time being threatening the growth and development of the Nigerian nation state. It has defiled very professional expertise know-how due to its continuous increase.The effect of fraud on the Nigeria financial institutions mainly regarded as the life wines to nation economy is to say the least devastating. Fraud cuts across the length and breath of the Nigeria financial institutions and has resulted in reducing many well established firms to more existing level, while so many others have been completely liquidated. It is this ugly development in the “Power house” of the financial sector of our economy that attracted my interest hence my choice of this topic. A critical analysis on fraud in Nigeria  financial institutions with particular reference to the banking industry.This work will dig keep into the following

  1. Types of fraud
  2. Causes of fraud
  3. Extent of involvement of insiders in the per petration of  fraud.

In this project/ term paper chapter explain the term fraud if a times to explain the fact that fraud is and to continue to trouble the financial sector of the economy unless great efforts are put together to fight it.

Chapter one above all things states the scope of the study or research. Chapter is the literature review, which embraces the following subheadings, concept of fraud, effects of fraud, theory of fraud, types  and the law research causes of fraud and finally the prevention of fraud.

Research design and methodology are treated in chapter three also included  in chapter three is the involvement of insiders in the pepertration of fraud in out financial institutions. Chapter three also contains anticipated solution to the menace of fraud.

Furthermore, the summary of the whole finding recommendation by the researcher and possible conclusion on the topic is contained in chapter three. As it will be bibliography is also contained there.



1.0     General introduction

  1. Purpose of the study
  2. Significance of study
  3. Scope of the study
  4. Limitation of the study
  5. Definition of terms

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