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Cocoa-cola is the world leading oft drink. It is sold in more than one hundred and forty-five countries. A total of two hundred and fifty million liquid content are consumed everyday in all part of the world.

It was first brought to Nigeria in 1953 when Nigeria Bottling Company established its first plant in Lagos since then the company as grown and developed particularly during the last twelve years.

It is still growing with the continuing expansion of the existing twelve plants and with the opening of new plants in various part of the federation.

Nigeria Bottling Company opened her Ibadan plant on 2nd of February, 1977 but it did not commence production until 17th April, 1977 when the first bottle of coke and fanta was rolled out of its bottling plant.

This plant then declared opened under the chairmanship of his royal Highness, Oba Oloyede Sanke and other dignitaries like the Chairman of the company of Mr. H.S.A Adedeji and Director Mr. R.D. Rodikis (Australian and others).

After recruitment and selection of applicants this brought about the information of sync advertising department with a staff of about one hundred and fifty (150) up to date. Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, bottle of Coca-cola, Sprite, Fanta, Ginger, Ale, Fanta tonic water and Fanta Lemon proved very innovative, becoming almost immediately the pace setter for the Nigeria soft drinks industry, an attribute which become its trade mark.



To embark on an effective management of advertising in order to appeal to the target of consumer or market is one of the problems, the following question have to be answered.

To examine how much to be allocated into advertising programme.

To observe the importance of advertising management in an organization.

To examine critically the likely problems that can be faced by an organization as a result of improper knowledge of advertising management.

To know when and how the advertising should be relayed to the target market.

To examine type of media to be used in order to relay the advertisement message to the target market.

To enhance ourselves with more and order knowledge about advertising management in a practical form in relating to Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Ibadan.

To suggest various solutions that can be adopted in solving advertising management problems since there can be no problem without solution.



What roles does advertising play in business?

What can advertising contribute to the success of a business organization?

Is there any relationship between advertising and direct sales?

To what extent does advertising influence consumer choice?

To what extent does advertising helped a business organization?



This explains the need for the research an what benefits are derivable from its result. This section is also referred to as the significance of the study, which explains what contribution the study is going to make to knowledge and the special way it will benefit the people and the Bottling Company.

Also, to know how advertising has shown more gains to business organization. Advertising seeks to condition the consumer so that he/she has a view point towards a company’s promotional message. That is, the purpose of advertising more specifically is to enhance potential buyer’s response to the organization and its offering and it seek to do this by providing information, by challenging desires and by supplying reasons for preferring a particular organization offer.

In this sense, advertising is an excellent example of the close relationship between marketing communications and promotional; strategy.



The significance of the study is aim at how effective is advertising on the success of a business organization that the purpose of advertising is more significant to enhance potential buyer’s responses to the organization product. And aim directly at convincing the consumers and general public the satisfaction to be derived from their product usage.



The scope of the study is wide. Therefore, because of unclearness of the topic the effect of advertisement on business organization success, the following areas have been focused for the study.

Firstly, the researcher has chosen Nigeria Bottling Company Plc, Ibadan its case study and then looks into the effect of advertising in their excellent performance and organizations success. As we are therefore limiting the study to the Nigeria situation taking Nigeria Bottling Company as a case study.

The limiting does not means that information, that are important will not be referred to or made use of, the process of writing this project work look into information on other manufacturing companies that are important but not within the scope of those provided by Nigeria Bottling Company may not be easily available hence the reason for limitation.

Secondly, the project work includes the definition of advertising, type of advertising, relevance of advertising agencies media etc. Data relating to manufacturing company came from a particular company named Nigeria Bottling Company in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Since we might not provide any assumed data at our disposal for the purpose of writing this project.



This defines the limit of the study stating the specific area to be covered, of course this implies in the objectives but it may be necessary to include it. The information here includes the specific issues to be studied and the particular subjects and place involved.

In a research project like this, there are bound to be limitation of which may affect the use of result of the study.

Also, the researcher could not set accurate information needed from the case study (company) while some were not released simply, because the company believes they are too vital to be released to a student researcher. For example, advertising really work and coordinated in their marketing system. and this gives a limit to which researcher could go.


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A Research proposal for the effect of advertisement on the success of a business organization:
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The reason of this study is to know the effectiveness and impact advertising play on the success of a business organization and to observe pit falls and to make necessary improvement on the success of a business organization. Also, there is need to know the benefit and usefulness o advertising on the success of a business organization. The study identified the success of a business organization and the choice of the consumer and their taste on the product of the product of the organization. Finally, the study identified the effectiveness of advertising on the success of business in reaching out to their widest consumer and to the extent in which the organization promote advertising, also venture to the level in which the organization is able to sue advertising to acquire goodwill. For the purpose of analysis, we make use of table and percentage of test, the validity and reliability of the result. .. mass communication/comm. arts project topics


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