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The banking sector in Nigeria is in a state of rapid change. The nature and rate of change is a function of local market competitive circumstance as well as willingness to change traditional behavior management of bank in Nigeria being tested by deregulation interest competition, New technology and the introduction of new products .

This project work is aimed at investigation the various ways bank (Commercial banks ) market their New production  which are ion form of service  using united bank of African Plc (UBA) as a case study and identifying the problems and prospect of marketing of banking services which will enable us to identify than short coming and then to the problem ranging from lack of modern marketing and techniques to inadequate inefficient staff usually encountered while carrying out their legitimate dynamic function of bank marking in the economy . this study is percentile as five chapters  viz.

Chapter one of this project contain the introduction of the research topic and other sub-items  like the background purpose, statement of the problem, scope and commutation of the study and so on

Chapter two has to do with the literature review where the origin of banking was walked into and other like history of united bank for Africa Plc (UBA).

Here, the concept of making and its impact in banking industry publics and suggested solution for marketing in banking service etc.

 Chapter three focus on the methodology sources of data population sample the condvadidity of the  data and method of data analysis

Chapter five contain . the summary of finding antiunion and recommendation


Title page 





1.0            Introduction

1.1            Overview of study

1.2            Statement of the study

1.3            Significance of the study

1.4            Purpose off the study

1.5            Research question

1.6            Hypothesis of the study

1.7            Scope and limitation of the study 

1.8            Limitation of the study

1.9            Definition of terms


2.0            LITERTURE REVIEW

2.1         Origin of banking

2.2            History of bank service

2.3            Characteristic of  bank service

2.4            The concepts of marketing and its immpact on banking industry

2.5            The objective of marketing in banking

2.6            Need for marketing in banks

2.7            Banks marketing activities

2.8            How best to marketing bank services

2.9            Problem and suggested solution for  marketing in bank services

2.10       New financial services of  united bank for Afgrica polc UBA and their marketing strategies

2.11       Why the study is a novel


3.0            Introduction

3.1            Sources of data

3.2            Population and sample

3.3            Data collection instrument and produre

3.4            Limitation of  validity of data

3.5            Method of data analysis


4.1            Data presentation and analysis

4.2            Testing of hypothesis


5.0             Summary of finding conclusion and recommendation

5.1 Summary of finds

5.3            Recommendation


Appendix I  questionnaire


This work is dedicated to the entire family of Mr. ESEZBOR Okheueleigbe for their love and support.

And to God almighty.


          I  wish to hereby acknowledge the invaluable support and assistance accorded me by  brethren’s, mentors, colleagues and friends whose name are too numerous to mention there in.

First, to my project supervisor Sir Dave Osuagwu of his unmeasurable scholarly quide and courage in the course of this piece off work.

To my beloved parents and qudian Mr. And Mrs ESEZOBOR, Moses Ezezobor and Mrs Fidecia who took the pains to see me through my polytechnic Education fimncing and providing for all my basic needs while the polytechnic.

To my classmate, for their co-operative and warmth partnership, while we student together (iron sharpen iron) Monday Agholor, Findlay called Ibori (AKA) done of Agbor, Gaius, Ojie, Chidi Ebere, Daddy Alex, Chidi Nwanbunor, Lynda, Juliana, Ngozika Okolo, Tony, Chinedu Henry, Lady .J. and many more.

To my sister and brother, Moses, Fidelia grace, very, Emmanuel, mark, Christina Bishop, Sherphered Lewis, Isaack, for their warmth, moral and brotherly concern throughout my stay in the polytechnic I remain indebted to them.

To my spiritual father, Ap Akinlami Martins and his beloved wife mummy Omontola and Every member of the remedial Christian Church success centre Oqidaa Area II Benin –City Edo state. 

This long list of acknowledgement will not be complete without meaning the unflinching support, love and courage accorded me by my sister Feselia and Mr Moses Ezezobor. She is a beloved sister in who I am well please, and the later is a brother indeed. I m highly indebted to them.

Above all, I acknowledge with  reference the love protection quittance and divine providence of the almighty God in whom we live, move and have our being.

May the almighty God reward Mightily all the persons whose names I mentioned above and other I could not remember. May God Bless you all.



In Nigeria, successive government, both military and civilian has continuously demonstrated their interest and commitment in the financial sector by encouraging banks (commercial merchant and development) to expand their services and facilities not only in the urban areas, but also to the rural environment. This explains the rigorous with which  the rural banking and community banking schemes are being pursued. But the most  spectacular era of banking in Nigeria set in by 1986 when the structural instrument programme (SAP) was introduced and since then banking has never been the same.

          Government become untimely involved in commercial banking in other to ensure maximum benefit of the economy. Modern Technology and modern information system has revolutimalized the way banking business   is done. Customer satisfaction has become the bench- mark for performance and  banking has become increasingly international and sophisticated. (Dr S. Usmen 19998) banks in Nigeria are incorporating marketing in their provision of banks services. Marketing in New idea, but t is challenging about it is the application of its principles in the rendering of bank services.

Generally marketing is the set of individual  or corporate activities designed to direct the flow of need satisfying goods and services to target buy7ers this is done through the exchange process. Marketing starts when one social unit. These effort are made with the  intent to obtain transaction between competent social unit

The recent emphasis on the principle and the application marketing to banking has rather been forced on individual by increase competition and other environmental changes whose result so far has been sluggish due to perhaps cultural responses to charges and the fact that marking as we know to day has been developed from the approaches meanest for tangible product

Based on these development this project work is aimed at finding out the extent and quality of the service of Nigeria banks specifically commercial bank with particular reference to united bank for Africa Plc (UBA) and also to identify the problems and Perspex of marketing of bank services which will enable us to identity their short coming and them be in a position to offer objective solution to the problem techniques to indaquatecy/efficient staff usually encountered while carrying out their legitimate dynamic function of bank


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This project work is aimed at investigation the various ways bank (Commercial banks ) market their New production which are ion form of service using united bank of African Plc (UBA) as a case study and identifying the problems and prospect of marketing of banking services which will enable us to identify than short coming and then to the problem ranging from lack of modern marketing and techniques to inadequate inefficient staff usually encountered while carrying out their legitimate dynamic function of bank marking in the economy . this study is percentile as five chapters viz... accounting project topics


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