Testate and intestate succession under Nigeria customary law

Testate and intestate succession under Nigeria customary law

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Testate and intestate succession under Nigeria customary law

PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS ON Testate and intestate succession under Nigeria customary law


          The  aim  and  objective  of  this  work  is  to  help  draw  the  attention  of  the  general  public  to  the  recurrent  challenges  associated  with  the  distribution  of  the  estate  of  a  deceased  under  the  various  customary  law  in  Nigeria.

The  manner  in  which  the  distribution  of  such  property  is  affected  under  both  the  English  law  and  under  customary  law,  its  effects  and  injustice  experienced  by  the  children,  wives  and   families  in  the  course  of  allotment  of  such  property  and  considering.  Whether  the  deceased  spelt  out  the  way  he  wants  his  estate  to  be  distributed  or  not.  It  is  pertinent  however  to  not.  It  is  pertinent  however  to  note  that  often  times  the  issue  of  adhering  strictly  to  content  of  a  will  or  to  a  particular  mode  of  distribution  even  when  the  justice  of  the  case  requires  otherwise  has  led  to  an  endless  list  of  family  petitions  to  the  court  for  directions,

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The aim and objective of this work is to help draw the attention of the general public to the recurrent challenges associated with the distribution of the estate of a deceased under the various customary law in Nigeria. The manner in which the distribution of such property is affected under both the English law and under customary law, its effects and injustice experienced by the children, wives and families in the course of allotment of such property and considering. Whether the deceased spelt out the way he wants his estate to be distributed or not. It is pertinent however to not... law project topics

Testate and intestate succession under Nigeria customary law

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