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When one looked back with analytical mid, we can concluded that computer technology keeps an advancing with remarkable increase in speed accuracy and reliability. Computing in whatever field i.e. science, Business and industry is reaching directly or indirectly into various aspect of our society without loss of generality, the world has shrunk into such compactness that no part can afford to lack behind or lie in isolation.

The advert of computer was hated by the world as a great revolution like any industry revolution. It promised to free and from simple routine jobs of respective nature by providing computing power. The first to have exploited the facility was the search for scientific acquires, this was not unconnected with the fact the designers by these systems were Scientifics themselves. Several problems have been eliding satisfactory solutions through, numerical methods of solution exist but involved a very huge amount of computation then, by rendering the problem in accurately accomplished. Not only did computer make reliable solution possible it equally opened new application methods.

In the past years, an inspection at close observation of some admission offices in some reputable tertiary institution revealed that there has been lack of proper documentaries of admission forms. Also, much time was spent in sorting out qualified and non qualified forms. This has resulted to a meaningful lost of substantial efficiency and accuracy in the methods used for instance, in many tertiary institution, one could not adequately give details of applicants such as the total number of these that applied the number that qualified from each state or local government.

In view of the above, this project is design to implement effectively and efficiently the processing of admission for PRE- NCE and DEGREE programme.

Most higher institution of today are non among oat an efficient and standard method of selecting applicant.

a.     Purchasing admission forms

b.     Submitting the correctly completed forms

c.      Selecting the qualified applicants.

d.     Determine the number of intakes

e.      Compilation of the list of qualified applications

The afore-motional processes are carried out in this project with the aid of computer. There is no doubt that is these present days is as a result of the benefit derived from the prime requirement where are completing for skilled job today. The reality is that the factory machinery is computer based, air line reservations depend on compute, personnel, financial and administrative procedure have become computerized including the command and control functions of the military and the police.

This is what prompt the development of a software which will help management of Osun State College of Education, Ila In the area of student admission.



The ultimate statement of the proposed system is to over come the problems in the existing system and to create effectiveness one of these problems is the stressful and tedious way of finding out who and who qualified for admission.

Moreover, it will also enable the staff and management to have more time to think on how and what they can do to improve the future of the institution which they might never have time to do. Other statement of the problem is as follows.

1.     To reduce staff fatigue

2.     To reduce the processing time and acquire more accurate information.

3.     To ensure accuracy in the processing of forms.

4.     To implement a comprehensive data since for record keeping purpose.

5.     To provide the management with food decision making.

The project work lovers much of student admission into different facilities and departments, taken into consideration the entry and degree academics programmes.

Moreover, the project accommodates future modification of entry requirement for both programmes.



The ultimate aim of this project is to overcome the problem in the present and forestall effectiveness to the system with the following objectives.

       i.            To ensure accuracy in the computation and compilation of reports with reliability.

     ii.            To speed up transaction processing of admission operation and generation of operation with the manual processing of basic electrical operation of admission decision.

  iii.            To relief the staff operation with the manual processing of basic electrical operation of heavy, tedious and boring work.

  iv.            To prevent repetitive work and duplication of jobs common in the existing system with a convectional database system.

     v.            To bring out the advantages of the new system over the present system.


Beside the project also implement a fully functional system that support configuration for the management so as add or update information concerning requirement, new department and faculties without changing the software.

Lastly, it is designed to present the management a more comprehensive reports system, which includes:

1.     List of qualified and non-qualified applicants.

2.     List of qualified applicants with state and local government.

3.     List of qualified applicants based on gender.



Research was carried out with an interview the admission officer in person, so as to know the way and manner of the existing system as well as the administrative of the unit and the problem they are facing.

 The procedure studies are advertisement, sales, sub mission of application form, sorting into the department, grades and admission of qualified forms for preliminary and degree candidates since school has to personally deal with the form and NCE Brochure for course that is to be scattered for in JAMB and O level requirements.

The new system will be designed, implement and evaluated.


1.5            SCOPE OF THE PROJECT

Strength and limitative / weakness of this study is as enumerated below:

Strength of the system

1.     the system has memory capacity for storage.

2.     It spends up the flour of work in admission unit sections at the same time entire institution as a whole.

3.     The amount of routine clerical work, which must be done by people, can be reducing significantly.

4.     It provides easy and better access to information.



1.     It cannot recognize error unless its programmed to do so.

2.     When its faculty it can cause delay in the work of the units.

3.     Also the length of each data entered from the keyboard must be limited to the volume of fields specified another to avoid error which may prevent the programme from working effectively, and lastly external storage should be used to avoid data loss.


The system is being designed and implemented to use test data its is limited only to the activities that are carried out in the admission department under the student affairs of the institution.

The security of the data stored in the memory of the computer cannot be totally quarantined keeping of the necessary file.

So for the total efficiency of the system, not need the human efforts as well.



Given the meaning of the terms used in this project is important to ensure easy understanding of all the term. Used ADMISSION: this could be defined as the act of being allowed to enter or acknowledge that a fact of all allegation is true.

ADMISSION OFFICER: this is the group of people who decides on the modalities for the admission of student.

ADMISSION OFFICE: This is a section of a department in which admission procedure is being done.

REGISTRATION NUMBER: This is a number usually issued to candidates for identification and for an entry unto NCE’S register.

SERIAL NUMBER: Is number used as a key to the students.

CUT-OFF-MARK: This is the maximum, score of student before he /she can be considered for admission in to institution.

ATTACHMENT AREA: the area in which the institution is located. Candidates form this attachment area are given high priority them determine the cut-off-mark.

          Osun state college of education have five school v112! School of science, school of education, school of vocational and technical, school of Art and Social science and school of languages. Which will be talking about as we are further in this project.


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When one looked back with analytical mid, we can concluded that computer technology keeps an advancing with remarkable increase in speed accuracy and reliability. Computing in whatever field i.e. science, Business and industry is reaching directly or indirectly into various aspect of our society without loss of generality, the world has shrunk into such compactness that no part can afford to lack behind or lie in isolation... computer science project topics


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