After all necessary modifications and corrections of your research materials, then you are set for the defense of the academic work. Defending your project is not that tough, you must be well prepared. This carries the highest mark. Read the project materials in between lines. Take note on the aims and objectives of the research project. Chapter two and chapter three is very important, questions are drafted there. Take note of some phrases, keywords and authors quoted into literature review in chapter two.

When you stand in front of the student and supervisors, you are greet, introduce yourself and your research projects. Read the certification and ensure that the project is signed by the supervisor and other officials present. Read the abstract, problems of the study, aims and objectives of the study, purpose of the study (this can found in chapter one of the research project). In five sentences or paragraph, summarized literature review, read summary and recommendations. You are to read all of them loudly. 8 to 15 Minutes is given to you, do not spend more than the time given to you. For those in civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, etc. which require practical, please display the practical there.

Avoid stage fright, speak boldly and loudly, be flexible in appearance, dress very well. Ensure your hair is cut off for boys and for girls, plate your hair. Avoid fixing of nails and eye lashes; avoid barbing different hair styles that are not wanted in school to the defense hall. Do not insult your supervisor or other officials during or after the defense. All these little common things makes student to loose marks.


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