Description: Quiz is my best academic activity I have achieved so far and I encourage fellow ones to be part and parcel of it. I love quiz competition right from high school because it is educative. I like watching others performing on stage and I also encourage myself to be among them. Quiz is very nice performance as it is used to train the mind on thought, actions and liveliness. I haven’t regretted at all and I have improved myself to do better. I have read, explore and get prepared to the sound quiz competition ahead of me and also ensure to strike as my group does better on stage. Our team coordinator was very impressed on our performance and has always been recommending our efforts and hard work.

Feelings: Quiz is a very nice performance because it helps in educating. I love answering questions even if am not among the contestant whenever question is been thrown to the audience I love to give an attempt to the question. My feelings are ok as I don’t feel ashamed. I created the spirit of smartness and politeness when building my fate on quiz.

Evaluation: Quiz competition is actually very nice to participate because it will help the participant in having the privilege to seek help from the coordinator to explain more things to him and by so doing he will understand and flow well. The judges are nice, fair in competition and are sound when judging. There is always a nice corporation both with the participants, judges and the audience. My group abides by the rules to avoid penalization.

Analysis: I realized that the judges sometimes are not always truthful in the aspect of recording your bonus marks as well as the time keeper there are not always accurate to time but we had no option than to ahead to them at that point in time.   

Conclusion: I will say quiz is an assessment in education that helps teachers and also students to know the measure of their growth in knowledge, abilities and skills.  It will also help the lecturers to know where to improve in their studies and the students to know their status in academics.

Action plan: I know that participating in quiz help a lot in the aspect of lecturers and students interaction which helps the student to understand more because of the extra explanation from the coordinator. 


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  • Date : September 26, 2022

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