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Researchers found it difficult in writing a good research. They do not have much information for all the chapters. Thus, their academic work was not approved by their supervisor for defense. It pains the student to write again and again until they finally resolves the issue OR may be the supervisor because of time wastage can just approve it for them to defend their project resulting to lose of marks. It pains them also, after they might have spent their time, energy, purchase of research materials and money in writing the research project, they still lose marks.

As an experienced student and a graduate, I have passed through this and I was able to make it with a good mark. Though there were many problems I encountered during my research work and I decided to pen them down as my supervisor went through it and then found solutions to them. These solutions will be shared to you as a guide so that you will not regret when undergoing your academic work.

What we should know is that a good researcher is to follow the instructions given by the supervisor. Write at least three (3) or five (5) project topics depending on the number of topics directed by the supervisor. In which one of the topics will be approved by the supervisor.  You must also know that the topics must be listed in a full scarp paper with your name, department and level. You are not to write a letter to your supervisor for approval except he/ she needs it. Put the full scarp paper in a file with your name, department and registration number and then submit them to the supervisor for approval of the topic.

Once the project topic is being approved, you can now begin to carry out your academic work.  You must have the available resources including textbooks that are related to the approved topic, sample project materials, full scarp paper, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. The major concern of the project is chapter one (which is mandatory for the supervisor to access it in less than four weeks), chapter two, chapter three, and chapter four. Others such as acknowledgement, certification, abstract, dedication, references and chapter five that has summary and conclusion may be done later.

Each chapter you write, ensured that the supervisor see them before proceeding. Check the sample project materials you downloaded see how their chapters, abstract, recommendations, and others are being written.

You must be able to complete your academic work within two (2) to three (3) months and get ready for your defense.

Ensure that all fees such as school fees, library fees, laboratory fees, etc. have been completed. So if you owe you have to complete all the fees to avoid embarrassment and not defending your project.

Give yourself six (6) hours in writing your research project every day. Eat well and avoid disturbances that will attract your attention.

Ensure that all pages have been numbered at the bottom of every page and it must be in the middle. Write this project in a full scarp, read it again and again for necessary corrections. Then type it and arranged them very well as you can see in other project materials.

You must have the title page been typed, your supervisor is much interested on the title page. Print them and submit it to your supervisor to access it. After all modifications and corrections, you can now bind them and get ready for your defense.


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