Impact of Poor Drainage System on Building

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Impact of Poor Drainage System on Building

PROJECT TOPICS AND MATERIALS ON Impact of Poor Drainage System on Building





1.1 Background.


Drainage system is a process of removing & controlling excess surface water with in right of way. Drainage is an important feature in determining the ability of given pavement to withstand the effects of traffic and environment. (Adequate drainage is very essential in the design of highways since it affects the highway‟s serviceability and usable life. If ponding on the traveled way occurs, hydroplaning becomes an important safety concern. Drainage design involves providing facilities that collect, transport and remove storm water from the highway (O‟Flaherty, C.A. (2002).


The objective of drainage system is to prevent onsite water standing on the surface and convey the offsite storm runoff from one side of the Buildingway to the other. To carry out the offsite drainage. Culverts are closed conduits in which the top of the structure is covered by embankment. United States National Bridge Inspection Standards (USNBIS, 1990) and ERA drainage design manuals (ERA DDM, 2002 and 2011).


As the water can cause a serious impact on both the Building access and its strength, an efficient drainage system is the most important part of Building construction and maintenance works.


Good drainage needs to be taken into consideration at the early design stages in order to secure a long life for the Building. With a well-designed drainage system, future rehabilitation and maintenance works can be considerably reduced and thus limit the costs of keeping the Building in a good condition.


Ensuring good drainage begins when selecting the Building alignment. A Centre line that avoids poorly drained areas, large runoffs and unnecessary stream crossings will greatly reduce the drainage problems. Provision of sufficient drainage is an important factor in the location and geometric design of highways. Drainage facilities on any highway or street should adequately provide for the flow of water away from the surface of the pavement to properly designed channels. In addition, traffic may be slowed by accumulated water on the pavement, and





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Impactof Poor Drainage System on the Building: A Case Study in Agaro Building.


accidents may occur as a result of hydroplaning and loss of visibility from squish and sprig. The importance of enough drainage is recognized in the amount of highway construction dollars allocated to drainage facilities. About 25 percent of highway construction dollars are spent for erosion control and drainage structures, such as culverts, bridges, channels, and ditches (Wyatt et al, (2000).


Surface drainage encompasses all means by which surface water is removed from the pavement and right of way of the highway or street. A properly designed highway surface drainage system should effectively intercept all surface and watershed runoff and direct this water into adequately designed channels and gutters for eventual discharge into the natural waterways. Water seeping through cracks in the highway riding surface and shoulder areas into underlying layers of the pavement may result in serious damage to the highway pavement. The major source of water for this type of intrusion is surface runoff. An adequately designed surface drainage system will therefore minimize this type of damage. The surface drainage system for rural highways should include sufficient transverse and longitudinal slopes on both the pavement and shoulder to ensure positive runoff and longitudinal channels (ditches), culverts to provide for the discharge of the surface water to the natural waterways. Storm drains and inlets are also provided on the median of divided highways in rural areas. In urban areas, the surface drainage system also includes enough longitudinal and transverse slopes, but the longitudinal drains are usually underground pipe drains designed to carry both surface runoff and ground water. Curbs and gutters also may be used in urban and rural areas to control street runoff, although they are more frequently used in urban areas (Wyatt et al, (2000).


Buildings will affect the natural surface and subsurface drainage pattern of a watershed or individual hill slope. Building drainage design has as its basic objective the reduction and/or elimination of energy generated by flowing water. Therefore, water must not be allowed to develop sufficient volume or velocity so as to cause excessive wear along ditches, below culverts, or along exposed running surfaces, cuts, or fills. Provision for adequate drainage is of paramount importance in Building design and cannot be overemphasized. The presence of excess water or moisture within the Buildingway will adversely affect the engineering properties of the materials with which it was constructed. Cut or fill failures, Building surface erosion, and weakened subgrades followed by a mass failure are all products of inadequate or poorly designed drainage.





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Impactof Poor Drainage System on the Building: A Case Study in Agaro Building.


As has been stated previously, many drainage problems can be avoided in the location and design of the Building: Drainage design is most appropriately included in alignment and gradient planning (Larson, C. L. june 1949).


1.2 Statement of problem


Successful drainage depends on early detection of problems before conditions require major action. Signs of drainage problems requiring attention include: puddles on the surface area, poor surface flow, slope erosion, clogged ditches, pavement edge raveling, preliminary cracking, pavement pumping, and surface settlement (L.M. Nyuyo, 1993). These signs indicate the start of failures which occur as soil particles are gradually washed away and as excess water seeps into the Buildingway reducing the load carrying ability of the subgrade. Major failures caused by poor drainage conditions include washouts, slides, slip outs, Building and pavement breakup and flood damage.


Poor drainage system are affecting the Building based on, inadequate drainage sections, conventional drainage system with low capacity and poor slope surface of the Building of existing drainage system, and over and above disposal of solid waste into the drains and drainage paths are accounted for the prime causes of water logging. Due to this problem the study of poor drainage system is important.


The existing condition of the highway drainage is affected the pavement surface and shoulder. The inadequacy of drainage system during the rainy season to pass the flood, poor quality construction and improper maintenance of some drainage systems with respect to the Building alignment. This is the main reason why this study wants to analyze the factors contributing to the drainage and come up with corresponding recommended remedial measure.


1.3 Research questions


The fundamental questions that are addressed and investigate are:

v  What are the major causes of drainage system that affect the Building segment?


v  What is the hydrological condition of the existing Building drainage system of the study area?


v  What mitigation measures can improve the drainage problems?






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Impactof Poor Drainage System on the Building: A Case Study in Agaro Building.


1.4 Objectives


1.4.1 General objective


Ø  The general objective of this research study is to investigate the impactof poor drainage system on the asphalt pavement of Building layer in Agaro Building.


1.4.2 Specific objectives


The specific Objective of the research study is as follows:

ü  To identify the major cause of the Building section generally affected by drainage problem.


ü  To evaluate the hydrological condition of the existing Building drainage system in the study area.


ü  To suggest possible remedial measures in order to mitigate the highway drainage problem.


1.5 Scope and Limitation of the Study


The thesis is limited to the Impactof poor drainage system on the asphalt pavement of Building layer and proposing mitigation measures of the problem that are finding only on drainage system. This research also concentrate on the effects water has on the Building due to poor drainage. It would look at the various steps that should be taken so as to ensure sufficient drainage system and how water causes increase in moisture content which eventually decreases the strength of the Building and subsequently, Building deterioration. The research does not include structural design of all types of drainage system except proposing the type and size of the required drainage system.


1.6 Significance of the Study


The study construction of Building drainage system is requiring skilled work force and intensive financial resources. If the drainage system fails, high investment is required to maintain them in order to avoid traffic interruption. To minimize maintenance expenses proper protection and management of these Building assets is important. This research is aimed at coming up with findings on the effects of poor drainage and maintenance systems in Agaro Buildings. It would also come up with recommendation on the ways forward. It is supposed to find out reasons for inadequate provision of drainage system and the reasons for poor maintenance of the available drainage systems. Therefore; this study is beneficial to the region for future Building drainage system







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Impactof Poor Drainage System on the Building: A Case Study in Agaro Building.


construction to avoid problems by assessing the performances of the current drainage systems and proposing mitigation measures to avoid improper functioning.


The study is expected to propose appropriate solutions to the drainage systems whose implementation would contribute to the sustainability of the case study Building.


The study is beneficial for academicians and researchers who conduct similar researches on other Building drainage system, soil conservation strategies, erosion and scouring prevention mechanisms and degradations of the stream channel.

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In Agaro -Bedele drainage system are not properly functioning. The inadequacy of drainage system during the rainy season to pass the flood, poor quality construction, inappropriate site selection and improper alignment of some drainage structures with respect to the Building alignment and disposal of solid waste into drainage structure. The objective of this study was to investigate the impactof poor drainage system on the asphalt pavement of Building segment in Agaro – Bedele Building. The primary data are photographs that show the current drainage system conditions, site visit, field survey and questionnaires that are gathered from the engineer, residences and Building users about the presentation of the drainage systems during the rainy season. The important of secondary data for this research are land cover map, topographical map, geological map, and published and unpublished material. The design peak discharge calculated and the review peak discharge calculated of the return period is not equal. From this the Building around this is damaged by over flooding of the water on the Building because the calculated peak discharge for the design were less than the calculated peak discharge for the review at station,18+160 ,24+200 and 42+120 the difference between them are: 48.03 , 64.859 and 42.404 values. Therefore before the culverts are constructing the design and the review data must be checked always when its design the Building it must be the design peak discharge is gr.. civil engineering project topics

Impact of Poor Drainage System on Building

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