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By using IIS Manager known as Internet Information Service Manager, it is a web development platform on windows by which we can install and execute files. IIS Server makes it easy for programmers to run their web app with ease without going to configure or to start it for processing. Follow the steps below to get started:

Step 1: Software Requirement

Installing Application is fairly simple. It only requires 2 steps. Please make sure your server meets the following requirements:

1.     WAMP Server/ XAMP Server Database or any MYSQL database that runs with apache and MYSQL services.

2.     Internet Information Service Manager (IIS) Manager which will be shown to you on how to install it.

Step 2: Installing the Server side application

1.     Install IIS Manager if you do not have IIS manager;  

2.     Just Go to Control Panel. 

3.     Navigate your pointer to uninstall program.

4.     By the left of Uninstall Program, click Turn off/ on Program Features .

5.     In the dialog box Tick Internet Information Services (Ensure that every component in the Internet Information Services are been tick).

6.     Click OK to install. You have to wait until everything has been installed.

7.     Install WAMP Server or WAMP Server database or any MYSQL database in your System.

8.     Restart the PC.

Step 3: Setting Up the Server Side application

1.   Run WAMP Server or XAMP Server database or any MYSQL database.

2.   Change the port of Apache to 8081 and then run Apache services and MYSQL services.

3.   Restart the PC again.

4.   Open your web browser and type the following link in each tab and then you will notice the changes made: “localhost/” and “localhost:8081/”. The “localhost/” you type takes you to the default IIS Page while the “localhost:8081/” takes you to the WAMP or XAMP server page.


Step 4: Saving files

1.     Extract the zip file that contains asp files to folder.

2.     Start IIS Manager by pressing Start button + R as shown below, then type “inetmgr” and click ok.

3.     On IIS Manager, Please right Click on the folder named Sites and select Add Websites (which is in the connection pane by the left of the program).

4.     On the dialog box, Type in the site name.

5.     Select the path to which the extracted folder of the poll is located (ensure that the files are inside the folder path).

6.     Select and Change the Application Pool to “DefaultAppPool”.

7.     Change the port to “3232” (You are free to change the port to the one you can easily remember but must be up to four digit number and must not be the same port with other applications are using).

8.     Click OK.

9.     Restart the PC again.

Step 5: Running the Script

1.     Import the database files MYSQL database.

2.     Now open your browser. Type localhost:3232/ in the address bar to run the project


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